I grew up in Russia, Moved to the USA in 1992.
Received a BFA in fine art and miniature painting from Moscow College of Applied and Industrial Arts, BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and MFA from Cornell University.

My studio practice addresses the nature of immigrant dislocations through the medium of printmaking, miniature painting, and video installation.
I am fascinated by the printmaking medium ability to fluctuate between physical and temporal space and find that the miniature painting offers a macro to micro transition where while intimate, our experience can be as enveloping as the imagined world of film and language.

To anchor the dissolving, fragile heaps of memories and tales, I utilize the renaissance one-point perspective and picture plane/window metaphors; while collages of hand drawn and appropriated images and severely etched copper plates demonstrate an awareness of their own histories.

Recently, two Russian immigrants’ response to dislocation and the unrealized dream of homeland became the catalyst for her installations: Andrei Tarkovsky in cinematic, imagined landscape of Stalker and Sacrifice, and Joseph Brodsky’s collection of essays about Venice Watermark.

I have started this body of work in January 2013 at the Venice Printmaking Studio residency and in summer 2014, will work on prints during the residency at La Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia.