• Metamorphosis. The Human Stories

    Metamorphosis. The Human Stories

    This lecture opens the international project Metamorphosis. The Human Stories. The project brings together 3 countries and 3 main collaborators, Eva Harut (Germany, Armenia), Mariana Smith (USA), Stephanie Luening (Germany). Additionally, we feature esteemed presenters from such institutions as Dresden Fine Art Academy, Gyumri Gallery of Sisters Aslamasyan, and Stockton University.

    in this lecture on May 20th, 2016, Mariana Smith addresses the themes related to migration, immigration, and displacement reflected in the XX and XXI art in the United States of America.

    The artists and participants ask the audience to consider how in the face of the global migration crisis, we should strive to preserve our humanitarian traditions and see beyond the issues that divide us.

    The project programming will take us to Gyumri, Armenia next.