Work > 2015 Eine Woche im Teppich One Week in a Rug

Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia, 2015
This exhibition presents a series of mixed media works on paper and video projections inspired by the 2014 Eva Harut’s book “Eine Woche im Teppich” or “One Week in the Rug”. These works are a collaborative effort between Mariana Smith and Eva Harut. They describe stories of Ripsime—young Armenian woman from 1915Erzurum and present how her tragedy echoes the stories of so many families during the Armenian Genocide: their survival and escape from the persecutions in Turkey, their ordeals on the long road to safety, their loss, grief and mourning, their fleeting hope and joys of reunions.

“Eine Woche im Teppich”
“Eine Woche im Teppich”
intaglio, graphite and ink on paper, gold leaf
66" x 38"